During our off-season sessions, we’re excited to be featuring mushrooms from our friends at Sno-Valley Mushrooms in Duvall.  Our CSA members are receiving a variety of mushrooms that will vary depending on availability.

With photos & text courtesy of Sno-Valley Mushrooms, here’s a bit of information on what you can look forward to receiving several times throughout the season!



The worlds second most cultivated edible fungi. Earthy, rich, and savory in flavor…perhaps the ideal gourmet mushroom.  We grow our shiitake in a variety of sizes, from baby to jumbo–our strain of shiitake is known to be far more tender than other varieties, so the stem is edible too! (leave it on the babies, chop it into rounds for the jumbos) By far our most popular variety!  (SVM)

Lions Mane


A prize for any forager, but a weekly staple here at SVM, Lions Mane is mild, sweet and delectable with a flavor reminiscent of white meat. We think it tastes best when dry-fried (in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet) in thin steaks and then buttered and salted once the pieces are golden brown. Lions Mane has become a fast favorite of many of our farmers market regulars. It is also the subject of much recent medical research that would suggest Lions Mane has properties which are beneficial to the human nervous system. (SVM)

Tree Oyster


We primarily cultivate the “Blue” or “columbinus” variety of the fast-growing Oyster mushroom. A lighter-bodied fungi than our shiitake, Oyster mushrooms have a delightfully chewy texture and are the embodiment of culinary versatility. Great on anything from pizza to omelettes, pasta, soups, or stir fries. (SVM)



Its flavor is nutty, dry, meaty, with a hint of woodsmoke (!?!). A cornerstone of Italian cuisine. An immeidate hit with our farmers market clientele, and now we can barely grow enough to keep the masses happy! Grows in tight florets that are glorious to look upon, and bound to take Seattle by storm! (SVM)

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