Introduction and Reminder

Hi All,

We want to remind you that Jubilee offers a Winter share that begins next week (first delivery on Wednesday, Feb 3rd).  There is still time to sign up for this six-week CSA Session.  You can sign up on our web page——or send us a note if you have questions.

We also want to introduce a new addition to the Jubilee Farm team.  Wendy’s daughter, Alina Sherrett, is no stranger to the farm.  We were so pleased three years ago when Alina’s husband, Chris, was stationed at the Lewis-McCord base.  Now, after eleven years in the armed forces, Chris has decided to become civilian, and he and Alina—along with their two daughters Layla and Caylin—have decided to make the Puget Sound their home.

As parents and grandparents, we are so happy to have the family here in our area.  We’re also pleased that Alina has agreed to help out with bookkeeping and our website.  Kristin has been doing this work faithfully for several years.   But with Gracie about to start walking, and Micah still a year-and-a-half away from Kindergarten, Kristin has her hands full—and will for quite a while.   Kristin has been helping to transition Alina into her new position.  We’re thankful for Kristin’s contribution to our farm, and also thankful that we have another family member to take over this part of the workload.

Erick and Wendy
Greetings from Alina,

I am so glad to become a bigger part of the farm this year!  My girls and I have worked in the market for the past two summers and pumpkin seasons, and my husband Chris has helped out with the harvest festivities as well.

A little background on myself – Many moons ago I graduated from Woodinville High School, and went on to earn my Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management.  For the past 5 years I have been employed with the YMCA, in various positions such as Director of Health & Well-being, Fitness Coach, Group Exercise Instructor, and Membership Services Representative.  I am also Certified Personal Trainer, as well as Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant and Holistic Nutritionist.   As you may be able to tell, I love to learn about the body and nutrition, and help others get healthy!  I am ecstatic to do so by providing fresh produce to our local communities!

I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us here at Jubilee Farm!


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