Winter Session: Week 2 Box Contents (Feb 10th)

Rainbow chard

Can you believe that in just a few short months, spring will be here and our fields will begin to show their first signs of life?!  We are excited for the fruition to come, and hope you are too!  Until then, we will continue to reach out to local farmers and gather our produce together, in an effort to provide you with an assortment of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables to keep you happy and healthy this Winter season.  As always, we try our best to gather each week’s harvest as locally as possible, and always from organic sources.  However, on occasion we reach as far south as California. During this time of the year, as you may well know, weather in the Pacific Northwest is not exactly conducive for growing much of anything.  Yet, even during these bleak months, the funds provided through your membership enable us to supply you with seasonal produce, as well as ready the farm for the year to come!  For that we thank you!

Box contents for next Wednesday’s share will include the following:

  • Petite Shiitake Mushrooms (Sno-Valley Mushrooms)
  • Gala Apples
  • Green Cabbage (CA)
  • Red & White Cipollini Onions
  • Rainbow Chard (CA)
  • Purple Kale (CA)
  • Leeks
  • Fingerling Potatoes

Be sure to check back in on Monday to find out what delicious medley Heather at Kailyard Kitchen has designed with your box contents!




Published by Jubilee Farm

We are proud to provide our community of the greater Seattle area with a diverse selection of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and meat, all of which are cultivated using organic farming practices.

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