Due to overwhelming feedback, we are opting to post the box contents on our blog again this Summer!   To be honest, I wasn’t going to post them each week, because there can be so much variance in the contents throughout the days of the week, that it has caused confusion in the past as to “Why didn’t I get (insert item here) in my share this week?” or “Broccoli is on the list, but I didn’t get any, and instead got cabbage?”. . .

However, I think most of you realize that we are a small, working farm, in which things run at the pace the land deliberates.  We may be able to harvest broccoli on Tuesday, but then the heat or insects get to them by Friday and we instead harvest cabbage for the weekend pick-up.  Or, on Friday, we might have an abundance of melon and they just HAVE to get out of the field ASAP, so we must harvest.  But, by Monday they are all too overripe and we cannot use them for the share . . .  These are just a examples, and more than likely you’ll get plenty of melon and cruciferous greens throughout the session!  My point is, this weekly box content list is by no means set in stone, but rather set soil.  It will fluctuate.  Please take this into consideration as you receive your share each week.

Listing of box contents will occur on the blog on Monday or Tuesday, each week of the Summer Session. I apologize to you Tuesday pick-ups, but we don’t perform our field walk-through to determine what will be included that week until sometime on Monday, the day before harvest.

Last, but definitely not least, if you have not heard about Terri, she is our amazing farm food mastermind!  Each week you will find her in the Cascading Kitchen (inside our barn market), preparing various recipes using weekly box contents, answering questions like “what is this?” and how to use it, and helping members wash, cut, and store their produce so that it is easy to use for any recipe when you get home!  She is an abundant source of knowledge and we are so happy to have her back again this year!

Please check out Terri’s website for tips, cooking/prep methods, and her wonderful recipes that she prepares in the barn market each week!  http://www.summerinajar.com/.


Week 1 Box Contents

Garlic Scapes
Pok choi
Greens Mix  OR  Mibuna

(*NOTE*  you will get between 7-8 of these items in various quantities depending on share size and availability.)


Alina & your entire Jubilee Farm Crew!

Week 1 pic Summer 16



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