Week 3 already?!? Thank you for so many of the kind emails and pictures of your finished dishes of the recipes we’ve provided this winter.  If any of you have discovered an amazing new recipe that you think others should know about, feel free to shoot me an email and tell me about it.  We can all use a little help with all these wintry veggies.  I have to say I think rutabagas and parsnips might be some of my new favorite vegetables.  What have you found to be your new favorites?  When in doubt, make oven fries out of all of them!

Spring is right around the corner, or so I hope. Farmer David was moving newly sprouted spinach out into the propagation house today with this 50 degree weather we had.  That means by late spring session we will have our very own greens in the mix!

• Fingerling Potato
• Shallots
• Parsnips
• Eggs
• Shitake Mushrooms
• Apples
• Purple Kale
• Burdock Root
• Red Cabbage

*Side note, some of you got extra purple kale instead of the red cabbage.

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