In this week’s box are a fun treat, turnips with their greens.  I know many of you aren’t very excited about these little roots, but fresh out of the ground you get a nice little mildyly mustardy veggie that’s awesome pan roasted with some sauteed greens to accompany it.  Roast them in a cast iron skillet with some bacon fat and you may have found your new favorite veggie.

I apologize for no boxletter the last few weeks, October is a little busy around here with school tours all week and our weekend harvest festival.  Rest assured, I’ll be back at the helm writing recipes come our fall session (which begins immediately following summer, and you can sign up now!) to help you through the wonderfulness that is the Fall!

Here are this weeks box contents, as always things may change slightly.

Asian Greens
Winter Squash
Apples (Families Only)

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