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Folks, I’m so sorry to say that we are *closed today* due to flooding.

🎃Please join us next weekend (the 28th and 29th) for another Harvest Festival weekend!

🍃Flooding is hard on us, but we’re grateful to be here doing what we love in spite of the challenges. Last week, when we saw the weather predictions for this weekend, we started harvesting early to save as much as we could from the fields as a precaution. During yesterday’s Harvest Festival, besides getting the cows into the barn, crews were out bringing in even more produce – here are Farmers Anna and Kelsey filling trays in anticipation of the flood (we never know how the predictions will actually play out, so we try to take as many precautions as we can). We have an amazing crew that loves what they do, and even in the cold rain with a flood impending, there are smiling faces.

🥕Farmer David is out on a rescue mission for even more veggies this morning. We’ve got another week of CSA left with our amazing members, and we’re set on having a great finish for the summer season! And we’ll see ya next weekend for more pumpkin fun!

2 thoughts on “CLOSED today due to flooding

  1. Sorry to hear about the flooding.
    Can you tell me what is in the bag? Is it flour? I did not get a contents list.
    Also, what is the strange looking root in the box?


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