A couple new exciting things this week!  I was wandering the farm last Tuesday, checking on the kale and seeing what else might be prevailing in this cold snap when I stumbled upon a nice little row of rosemary and thyme plants and have since put a bit of rosemary in everything I’ve eaten this week and figured you guys might like to do the same.  We also are excited to work with Sky Valley eggs.  We had been trying to source a more local, higher quality egg to hand out in these winter/spring boxes (until of course we can get our own eggs up and running).  Sky Valley is out of Monroe and they do a very nice pastured, organic egg.  Also those overwintered greens just keep on giving! The kale this week might be some of the best tasting yet.  In my aforementioned wanderings I kept a nice handful of raw kale for snacking!

Here’s to another great week of good food!!

(Psst, did you sign up for Early Spring Sesh yet?)


Sky Valley Eggs
Kale Rapini
Herb Bundle
Red Potato
Gold Blush Apples
Sweet Onion

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