This time of year it may seem like you’re eating a lot of things like turnips and radishes and greens, and you are.  But! They won’t be around forever and if you eat seasonally you know that you need to take advantage of them while you have them.  This kind of seasonal eating makes you appreciate the food you have, come next year I swear you’ll be so excited to eat those early summer veggies again!  Thankfully nature gets it, about the time you think you couldn’t eat another tender little turnip, something new will pop up and take it’s place like tomatoes, carrots etc. We’re happy you’ve joined us this summer for a seasonal eating journey!

Happy Eating!!

Asian Greens
Pac Choi
Garlic Scapes
Lettuce Mix
Head Lettuce
Zesty Greens Mix (Family Share only)

*As always share contents may vary once we get out in the field and begin to harvest.

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