Our community is in the midst of unprecedented challenges as regions continue to navigate & respond to COVID-19. We’re sending our warmest wishes to you & your families, hoping that you’re all staying healthy & safe, and we hope that you’re finding new ways to stay connected with each other. We miss seeing y’all!

Social-distancing has underscored the need for healthy, wholesome, local food sources, and it’s an honor to be a part of that movement. We feel so grateful for your out-pouring of support during this time, and we want to make sure that your support ripples throughout our larger community – so we’re finding some ways to make sure that happens.

Let’s touch base about a few things during this wild time:


Our CSA is continuing, with extra food safety procedures in light of COVID-19. We are continually monitoring the situation and adapting to updated safety protocols and recommendations. If you’re a member of our current or upcoming CSA sessions, know that we’ll continue to be in touch with you and are always available to answer questions. We’re very fortunate to be using the CSA model to get food out to folks, since by its very nature, it’s so low-contact.

During our Fall, Winter, & Spring CSA sessions, we provide our members with food from Jubilee, as well as supplementing with organically-grown produce from our regional neighbors. With the recent closures of farmers markets and restaurants, we’ve reached out to farms who were impacted and looking for homes for their food – so, this Winter & Spring, your Jubilee CSA share will be helping out even more farmers. From us at Jubilee and from all these hard-working farmers who lost access to their customer base with the farmers market & restaurant closures – thank you for supporting your local food system in these hard times.

Both our Winter and Spring CSA sessions are FULL – thank you for your amazing support!!


We’re busily seeding, transplanting, cultivating, and prepping the ground for our Summer CSA and are excited to bring you a fantastic array of produce this summer. We’ll continue to look at the changing climate of COVID-19 as we prepare for the summer and will keep you updated if any details of pick-up need to be changed.

During our Summer CSA, all of the produce you receive is grown here at Jubilee. We do, however, sell additional goods from our neighboring farmers & makers in our barn market – from cheese, to small-batch jam, to spice blends – and we’re looking forward to continuing to find ways to support other farmers with awesome add-ons in our barn this summer.


Preorder form opens on Thursdays
Pick-up the following Tuesdays

As ways to access local food disappear during the closure of farmers market & restaurants, we’re working to bridge the gap & get more local food to you.

We’re launching a weekly Spring Preorder Market on Tuesday, March 31 at our barn. This weekly sale will give you an opportunity to buy Jubilee goods like beef, pork, lamb, stone-ground flour, jam, etc., as well as a plethora of products from area farmers who are in need of outlets for the amazing food they’re producing – mushrooms, dairy products, microgreens, small-batch jam, flowers, and more. As with our Winter & Spring CSA sessions, you’ll be supporting Jubilee and even more local farmers when you shop this sale.

The Spring Preorder Market is just that…preorder only, as well as prepaid, with an online store going live every Thursday. Your order will be pre-packed and ready for you to pick up the following Tuesday! You do not need to be a CSA member to order from this market.


We made the hard but necessary decision to cancel May Day this year. We’re so sorry for any disappointment, but at this time, it seems the best and safest course of action to take. We’ll be on track for May Day next year, though – keep the first Saturday in May penciled-in each year! (Shout-out to Seattle artist Frida Clements for making the most whimsical May Day poster for us this year…we’re excited to use it in 2021, but we’ll give you a peek before then!)

Because we still want to mark the onset of spring at the farm, and because we want to support you in keeping food local (especially important during events like this pandemic), we’re excited to offer a Victory Garden Tray sale, instead! This will be a pre-order sale of trays of veggie starts from the farm, so you can get started on your gardening journey. We’ll also be supplementing with some helpful videos.

Here are the details:

  1. Trays will be available for sale on Thursday, April 30 at 2 pm as part of our Spring Preorder Market (there’s also a button on our home page that takes you to the preorder). Everything is prepay. We’ll be sharing reminders of the sale online as well.
  2. Preordered trays can be picked up in the afternoon on Tuesday, May 5
  3. Each tray is $25 and has 50 starts.
  4. The trays will have a great mix of veggies – carrots, beets, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, etc. We’ll let you know more specific details over the next couple weeks as we see how everything has germinated.
  5. We are not able to do custom trays – all the trays will be filled with a great variety of veggies!
  6. Tomato starts won’t be included in these trays, since the timing on those guys is different. But – we’ll keep you posted if we’re able to do a tomato start sale later in May.
  7. You don’t need to be a CSA member to order a garden tray.


We miss seeing everyone! To help you follow along with our daily farming adventures at a distance, we’re posting Farm School videos on our new YouTube channel. We offer weekly Farm School to our members during our Summer CSA, and these videos are a fun online extension of that – snippets of farm life where you get to learn a bit about what we’re up to here. Let’s all stay connected and weather this storm together!

4 thoughts on “COVID-19

  1. I’m very disappointed. I logged on to your site every 30 seconds starting at 1:50 Thursday to get your Victory Garden. By the time I was able to enter my credit card info, you were sold out. How can I win? This is very frustrating.


    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Anne – the trays sold out in about 5 minutes, which we were all shocked by. We’re going to be seeding more trays that will be available the first week of June – we want to do all we can to find creative ways to support local food needs. In the meantime, our friends just down the road at Steel Wheel Farm have had some beautiful veggie starts for sale!


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