From our family to yours:

These are uncertain times we’re in. Thank you so much for your patience & understanding as we try new things, and, as Farmer David likes to quote Marshawn Lynch as saying, continue “adjusting to the new environment.” 😊

Just like you, we didn’t imagine this pandemic coming when we were making plans for 2020, so all we can do is try our best to respond to the unforeseen needs created by it.

Since the pandemic hit, it’s been apparent that there’s an increased need for local food, and we want to do everything we can to sustainably provide that. Our goals have been to increase our growing efforts to feed even more folks than ever before; to support other local farmers who have been hit hard by market & restaurant closures by providing them with a weekly sales venue, in the form of our Preorder Market; and to find creative ways of getting local food to people, which is where the Victory Garden Tray idea came from. 

We want to support as many people as we can in getting access to local food. Doing so requires new adaptation on our part (like an online store, which is a first for us), and that will inherently involve kinks – please know that we’re doing our best to manage these, all the while continuing to do the day to day farming. ❤

We’re a family farm, consisting of a handful of folks working rain & shine because we believe in good food and want to do what we can to make it more available. We’re doing our best to respond to all emails and messages, but please be patient with us as we adjust to new ways of doing things alongside you.

We’re so excited to walk with you on this journey of local food production. To our longtime customers: thank you for continuing to support our mission here…it’s a joy to be part of your family’s traditions. To our new customers: thank you for taking the leap & looking to local sources for your meals…we’re thrilled to be joining you.

It’s a privilege to get to provide food for so many tables, and for that we’re so grateful. Cheers to celebratory gatherings around those tables when life returns to normal! 

With love,
David, Kristin, the kiddos, grandpa Erick, & the whole crew ❤

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