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We have 3 share sizes to accomodate just about any household!

  • Our Full Share is our standard size and you will receive the most variety and quantity with this share size. Ideal for a family of veggies lovers or about 4-6 folks. Don’t get me wrong, if you are super excited about cooking and there are only two of you at home and you want to get into canning or fermenting, the Full Share could still be just the size for you! Approx 8-12 items each week.
  • Our 3/4 Share is our most popular size! Designed to accommodate a small family or 2 adults who cook at home most nights. Each week you will receive approx. 6-9 items.
  • Our Half Share is perfect for a single person or a couple who may eat out a few nights per week or who are just learning to love veggies. Each week you’ll receive approx. 4-7 items.

What else comes with my subscription to your CSA?!?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! Besides receiving a box on fresh, seasonal veggies and fruits each week for 20 weeks we also include our famous Boxletter filled with tips, tricks, odes to vegetables and recipes to help you tackle all the produce (especially those items you may not be familiar with!) We want you to be successful with our CSA and that means cooking and enjoying trying new things and new recipes all summer long and we are absolutely here to help!

You also get access to our Private Facebook Group where our members come together to share even more recipes and ideas! Gleaning ideas from each other is a great way to learn and grow within our little community!

As an added bonus not included in the cost of the CSA we have a Upick part of our CSA exclusively for our members where we invite you all to come out to the farm to pick a selection of herbs, berries, and veggies that we choose each week. Whether you pick up at the farm or have your box delivered to one of our depots you are always welcome to come do the Upick portion any day that we are open! More info will be provided before the start of the session.

P.S. If you’re on the fence over Farm Pickup or Depot Delivery, one of the greatest bonuses of our CSA and something that sets us apart from many others is just the ability to come out to the farm and spend a couple hours each week picking up your share, doing the Upick, getting to know your farmers and of course shopping our little market for other goods like meat, eggs, honey, and a variety of other local goods from producers and farmers we know to make your time on the farm a one stop shop! Plus we could probably all use a little extra outside peace and quiet farm time in 2021. We may be biased, but Farm pickup is the bees knees!

What ever are you waiting for?