We are proud to provide our community of the greater Seattle area with a diverse selection of nutritious vegetables, fruits, meat, & flour, all of which are cultivated using organic farming practices.

The Haakenson family in the mid-1990s (left to right: David, Julie, Laura, Paula, Erick, & Dan)

We have been a family-run farm since 1989, when the Haakensons first started farming this land.

Jubilee’s produce is available through its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription program, in which members of the public support the farm by committing to purchase shares of its produce for a season.  By being a member of our CSA, not only do you enjoy fresh, nourishing food – but you also get to engage with the land & the people that provide that food.

In 2012, the PCC Farmland Trust helped to ensure that Jubilee Farm will stay organic farmland forever:

“About half of Jubilee Farm previously had been conserved by the King County Farmland Preservation Program. When there was an opportunity to partner with King County to preserve the remaining half through the County’s Transfer of Development Rights Program, PCC Farmland Trust jumped at the chance.

“Now, thanks to the vision of the Haakensons and the combined resources of King County and the Farmland Trust, the entirety of this much-loved biodynamic farm will remain farmland forever.”


David Haakenson

David was four years old when his family bought the land here and broke ground in 1989. When he was 7 years old, he wrote at school: “I plan to be a farmer when I grow” – the rest, as they say, is history! David is now the second generation running the farm. David & Kristin bought the farm from Erick in 2019 and are honored to get to be a part of Jubilee’s story.

Kristin Haakenson

Kristin handles the accounting & bookkeeping. She preps the barn market, helps plan events, and does miscellaneous art projects for the farm. Junior farmers Micah & Grace are usually helping her – they love seeding, harvesting, & feeding the animals (and going on farm adventures with Grandpa Erick!)

Erick Haakenson

Erick likes to call himself the “Farmer Emeritus” of Jubilee – with his family, he started Jubilee Farm in 1989. He has poured his vision, creativity, and hard work into the farm since the start – he’s our “farmer philosopher”. Erick continues to do all sorts of projects on the farm, as well as lend his insights and wisdom.




Terrie & Mimi

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