David Haakenson

David was four years old when his family bought the land here and broke ground in 1989. When he was 7 years old, he wrote at school: “I plan to be a farmer when I grow” – the rest, as they say, is history! David is now the second generation running the farm. He especially loves tractor work. David & Kristin bought the farm from Erick in 2019 and are honored to get to be a part of Jubilee’s story.

Kristin Haakenson

Kristin handles the accounting & bookkeeping. She preps the barn market, helps plan events, and does miscellaneous art projects for the farm. Junior farmers Micah, Grace, & Fern are usually helping her – they love seeding, harvesting, & feeding the animals (and going on farm adventures with Grandpa Erick!)

Erick Haakenson

Erick likes to call himself the “Farmer Emeritus” of Jubilee – with his family, he started Jubilee Farm in 1989. He has poured his vision, creativity, and hard work into the farm since the start – he’s our “farmer philosopher”. Erick continues to do all sorts of projects on the farm, as well as lend his insights and wisdom.


Liz does a little bit of everything around the farm. From managing the CSA and market, orchestrating meat sales and writing the beloved boxletter to obsessing over tomatoes and plotting and scheming with Kristin about ways to make the farm even more awesome. Liz’s job is multifaceted and certainly never boring and she wouldn’t have it any other way! In her down time….wait there’s no down time in farming!


Anna is our greenhouse master among many other things. She keeps our propagation house running smooth during the spring and early summer, making sure all our thousands of starts are well cared for and thriving. She designs our Upick flower and herb spaces, keeps everyone in line during our busy harvest days and is a fifth wheel tractor driving master! She also cares for our flock of layers and is warmly referred to as our “chicken lady”. Besides what she brings to the farm professionally, she also charms us with her humor and regularly has us laughing till we cry. Or at least Liz.


Lena is excited to be part of the crew at Jubilee for her 2nd season. At the farm she enjoys riding on the back of the flatbed, spending her days outside in the Snoqualmie valley, watching seeds transform into plants, and connecting with people over the joys of growing (and eating) good food. Away from the farm she enjoys writing, rock climbing, and coffee. 


Charlotte is excited for her first season at Jubilee Farm. Since reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma at the ripe age of 11, she’s been passionate about small farms and eating good food. At Jubilee, she’s developing her skills in slug removal, motivational speaking for a plant audience, and creating new “would you rather” questions. 

Terrie & Mimi

We hope that in 2021 we can have our kitchen masters, Terrie and Mimi, back in the barn and delighting us with their ingenious cooking and veggie prep ideas and inspiration!

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  1. Great to see that Jubilee Farm and you, Erick, are still thriving there in Carnation. Best wishes to all of you.
    Bob & Sue


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