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Born and grazed right here in Carnation, Washington.

Our herd spends the warm months rotating daily to fresh grass, and in the winter months, they eat hay that we cut throughout those plentiful summer months. Our grass-fed beef is what beef should taste like.

We offer several ways to purchase beef from Jubilee:


You can purchase a Quarter or Half Premium Beef Share which includes steaks, ribs, roasts, ground, etc. We harvest in the Summer for our premium shares. Scroll down for more info. Click below to reserve your own.


You can purchase a Ground Beef Share, which is either 1/8 (35 lbs), 1/4 (75 lbs) or 1/2 (150 lbs). Click below to reserve yours!


You can purchase Single Cuts of beef (steaks, roasts and 1lb packages of ground beef) in our barn market during open hours. Supply may be limited.


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How does buying a Premium Beef Share work?

Reservation & Deposit

You choose whether you want to buy a Quarter, Half, or Whole animal. You then place a non-refundable deposit and send in your reservation promising the purchase of the beef.

We care for the animal

We raise the animal until harvest – our bovine herd spends the spring & summer months rotating through fresh pasture, and it spends the winter in our barn eating hay we cut from our fields.

Harvest & Butcher

For our beef shares, our animals are harvested here at the farm. The butcher then takes the meat to his shop, where he cuts and wraps it for you. We then send you a bill for the remaining cost of your beef share.


Your beef share is then available for pick-up from the butcher! When you pick up your share, you’ll pay the butcher fees (for cut & wrap and harvest) directly to the butcher.

What do I receive in a Premium Beef Share?

Here is a sample list of cuts that you may receive in a typical Premium Quarter:  

  • Hamburger – 39 one-pound packages
  • Stew meat – 5 one-pound packages
  • Soup Bones – 3 packages
  • Beef Brisket – 2
  • Chuck Roast – 2
  • Rump Roast – 1
  • Sirloin tip Roast – 1
  • Cross Rib Roast – 1
  • Boneless Round Roast – 1
  • Short Ribs – 4
  • Sirloin Steak – 2
  • T-bone Steak –
  • Rib Steak – 3
  • Bottom Round Steak – 3
  • Top Round Steak – 4
  • Sirloin Tip Steak – 2
  • Porterhouse Steak – 1
  • Flank Steak – 1

The approximate amount of freezer space needed for a quarter beef is 4 cubic feet, which is about the capacity of a standard top-opening freezer/fridge.

How much does a Premium Beef Share cost?

We charge $6.00 per pound at hanging weight.  The hanging weight is determined from the quarter before it has been processed into specific cuts. 

Quarters vary in weight, but we’ll use a 150 lb. quarter as an example of cost: 150 lbs. at hanging weight would cost $900.00.

The butcher charges a fee as well. 

We use Lind’s Custom Meats, and they charge $150 harvest fee per animal and $0.75/pound at hanging weight for cut and wrap.  Each buyer of a quarter pays 25% of the harvest fee.

The total cost to the consumer (hanging weight charge plus butchering fees) for a 150 lb. quarter would be $1050.

*please note, as most businesses do, Lind’s Custom Meats does nominally raise their prices each year. Please contact us for up to date pricing if this is a concern.  

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