Summer Session: Week 19 Boxletter and Contents

Jubilee Fresh Whole Wheat Flour Celeriac Parsnips Collard Greens Winter Squash Brussels Sprouts Shallots Leeks Radish Lettuce   *as always this list may change a bit once we get out in the fields to harvest   Recipes  Week 19.  You’ve nearly made it through 5 months of eating locally and seasonally, good job!  We’ve definitely […]

Summer Session: Week 18 Boxletter and Box Contents

Corn Kale Carrots Peppers Parsnips Cabbage Broccoli or Cauliflower Arugula Winter Squash Eggplant   *as always this list may change a bit once we get out in the fields to harvest  Ok, so two years ago we had a bumper crop of parsnips and during our fall/winter/spring sessions I very much inundated our members with […]

Summer Session: Week 16 Box Contents and Boxletter

Week 16 Box Contents   Winter Squash Collard Greens Savoy Cabbage Corn Arugula Broccoli or Cauliflower Carrots Leeks Garlic Eggplant or Peppers Bouquet Garni (Sage, Rosemary, Thyme)   *as always this list may change a bit once we get out in the fields to harvest   Recipes  The first winter squash of the year! And […]

Summer Session: Week 14 Boxletter

Purple Carrots Yellow Onions Green Peppers Summer Squash Corn Savoy Cabbage Cauliflower Grapes Eggplant Tomatoes Apples *as always these box contents may vary once we get out in the field to harvest   Recipes We continue with the late summer boxes with our greatest variety of veggies!  The slowing of the tomatoes is always a […]

Summer Session: Week 10 Box Contents and Boxletter

Week 10 Box Contents Onions Cabbage Broccoli Potatoes Carrots Summer Squash Beets Kale Tomatoes   Recipes One of my favorite cookbooks right now is Andrea Bemis’ Dishing up the Dirt.  All three recipes this week are from her website/book with a few minor tweaks to accommodate our box.  She hails from Oregon where she runs […]

Summer Session: Week 9 Box Contents and Boxletter

Week 9 Box Contents Tomatoes Carrots Celery Lettuce Summer Squash Cabbage Kale Green Onions Garlic (Delivery Folks)   Recipes Tomatoes are coming on strong.  Lest you feel overwhelmed by the quantity you may receive, here’s an idea you can use to deal with them fairly easily: Cut them in quarters and slow roast in the […]

Summer Session: Week 8 Boxletter

Recipes What did you do with your big ol’ kohlrabi last week?  I turned mine into kohlrabi fries and they were great!  Admittedly they aren’t the crispiest, but they do a good job at being a lower carb fry option, I mean until you slather them in ketchup like I do.  I just peeled off […]