CSA Pick-Up at the Farm


(We’ll continue to monitor CDC recommendations throughout the summer and will keep you updated on any changes!)

If you are sick or have had exposure to COVID-19 recently, we do ask that you stay home and send someone else to pick up.

What do I need to bring when I come for my pick-up?
Please remember to bring a box or bags to bring your produce home. Many members bring ice chests or other kinds of coolers as it is often warm on summer afternoon pick-up days. If your produce is in a cooler, it will stay fresher and you’ll be more relaxed and less likely to feel compelled to rush off.  Laundry baskets work well, too.

You should also bring scissors for u-pick (especially for flowers) and gloves if you want to keep your hands clean. Many members bring vases to take their flowers home in.

When can I pick up my share?
Pick-up days are:

  • Tuesday: noon – 6 pm
  • Friday: noon – 6 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 2 pm

When you register, you choose one of these days.

On your pick-up day, you are welcome to arrive before the barn opens to enjoy the farm or start doing your u-pick. Because we harvest and clean produce right up till we open the barn doors, though, we can’t open early.

Once I’ve chosen a day, can I switch to another day?
Once you’ve chosen a pick-up day, we ask that you stick to your scheduled pick-up day. We harvest produce in the morning and need to know how many shares to harvest.

If you find your original choice to be inconvenient, we will happily allow a change for the remainder of the season.

By and large, we cannot support random changes week to week.  We do understand that things come up and switches are inevitable, but it’s very helpful for our staff if switches are kept to a minimum.

Please email us no later than noon on Monday of your desire to change pick up days – we organize our harvest list on Mondays and want the lists to be as accurate as possible.

What if I can’t make it by closing time on my pick-up day?
This happens from time to time. If you’re rushing trying to get here but think you won’t make it, please email us or call as soon as possible before the end of the pickup hours. We can either reschedule your pick-up day or will pack a box for you, label it, and put it on the porch for you to pick up after hours. We’ll also leave the u-pick board out so you’ll know what and how much to harvest.

What if, for unforeseen reasons, I find I just can’t get to the farm on my pick-up day?
On the rare occasion that events outside your control prevent you from sticking to your well laid plans, please email to schedule a different pick-up day for that week. Hopefully these changes are few and far between, but when needed, we understand. This is an area we don’t wish to police; you must monitor yourself. We harvest based on the number of members scheduled to pick up and need to keep this count close, so your call is important.

What if I know in advance I will be out of town on my pick-up day? Can I get the produce later or have my cost pro-rated?
We do not pro-rate or “store up” unused weeks during the Summer Session. The logistics of trying to keep track of missed pick-ups is more than we wish to take on. We have established the following policy that we believe to be in keeping with the spirit of CSA:

If you are going to miss a pick-up, you are free to have a friend, neighbor, or relative pick up your share for you. You’d be surprised how ingratiating this can be!  Just have whoever is picking up for you tell whomever is in the market that they are picking up for you. We’ll help them through the pick-up process.

You may also request, as many members do, that we donate your share to the local food bank. We work with the Carnation branch of Hopelink, and we have been donating unused shares as well as excess harvest to the food bank for years. They are very appreciative of the contributions! Please email by noon on Monday if you’ll be donating your share, as that gives us time to organize and transport your donation.

Can I substitute something I don’t like for something I do?
No, you cannot substitute. But you are not required to take anything you don’t want or care for! The produce we provide is often more than most members can use. Many of our members tell us they feel they can choose what they want from what is offered and still get all they need. We take that into account in our planning.

Are the weekly shares of equal volume (and value) each of the 20 weeks?
No. The season starts slowly, with a small volume of mostly green vegetables for the first couple of weeks. There is also very little (if any) u-pick for the first couple of weeks. Then things begin to change rapidly, and by July, the boxes have increased in size. August, September and October find us in the peak of production, with larger quantities and greater varieties of produce, fruit, and flowers.

The financial “value” of the membership (setting aside the important issues of supporting local, organic agriculture) must be assessed in the overall season, not any single week.

Are other items available in the market?
We have a variety of items for sale in the market like our own grassfed beef, pastured eggs, handmade soap, flour, popsicles, chips and drinks.  We accept cash, check or card for the purchase of these items.

Depot Delivery

There are a number of things that new members need to know and returning members need to be reminded of when using our depot delivery system:

  • Depot delivery pick-up hours & days:
    Depot hours are from 12 pm to 7 pm on Wednesdays or Saturdays.
  • What if I forget to pick up my box?
    We have asked all depot homes/businesses that if boxes are not picked up by 7 pm, they are to be put out again on Thursday (for Wednesday deliveries) by 8 am and left out until noon. If the boxes are not picked up by noon on Thursday, we ask that depot members see that the food gets used.
  • Returning boxes:
    Please remember to return your empty box from the previous week to your depot each week when you pick up. We reuse these boxes, so please return them. We don’t need egg cartons to be returned. Please gently flatten your box when you return it, as this helps to conserve space at the depot and in our delivery van.
  • Depot “etiquette”:
    Common sense is the rule. Although there is a nominal discount for depot members, it really is nominal, and most members offer their homes or businesses simply because they want to be supportive of local, organic, sustainable agriculture. These people are doing the farm and all of our members a favor. We ask that everyone is respectful of the privacy and property of our depot members.
  • When picking up your box:
    Please be very careful to check your box each week for your name! We’ve had some members pick up someone else’s box, which leads to serious problems! If you have someone else pick up for you, make sure they know that they need to take the box with your name on it.
  • If your box isn’t at your depot:
    If you arrive at your depot and can’t find your box, contact usplease do not contact the depot resident.  It’s possible that someone else may have taken your box by accident, or we may have inadvertently dropped it off at the wrong depot.  We try very hard to ensure that mistakes don’t happen, but if they do, please let us know so that we can fix the situation.
  • Questionable produce:
    We try very hard to make sure that only the best quality produce is put into the boxes, but we aren’t perfect. If you get something in your box that is unusable, please contact us and let us know. This alerts us to the fact that we missed something that we shouldn’t have. Please don’t think you’re doing us a favor by not letting us know if something in your box is unusable. The opposite is true: you are doing us a favor if you let us know if there is anything you can’t use, and you are doing us a disservice if you don’t. So, be good to both of us, and keep the line of communication open. We want and need your immediate feedback.
  • Does the farm deliver produce during the Summer?
    Yes, we do deliver produce to depots. If you want to have your share delivered, you need to select that option when you register. There is a $90 charge for the delivery option for the whole season, which is included in the price you see at sign-up. During our Summer CSA Session, the majority of our members who live relatively nearby come to the farm to pick-up their shares.  As a result, we have a reduced number of Eastside depots available, with most of our deliveries being in Seattle in the summer months (during our off-season sessions, which are delivery-only, we have an increased number of both Seattle and Eastside depots).
  • Can I come to the farm to pick up my share and/or do u-pick sometimes?
    If you register for the delivery option, you can still come to the farm to pick up and/or do your u-pick if you wish! Please email us by noon on the Monday of the week you wish to come to the farm if you would prefer to pick up your box on the farm as well.
  • As a delivery member who doesn’t come to the farm, do I receive u-pick items?
    The U-pick items are not included in the cost of the share and so we do not include them in the delivery boxes. They are an added bonus of coming out to the farm, like an incentive to schlep out and spend some time quality time outside. 🙂
  • Can I request substitutions in my box?  While we understand and are willing to work with those with severe allergies and dietary restrictions that prevent them from enjoying certain foods, we are unable to provide replacements based on preferences in your weekly box.  We try not to inundate you with any one vegetable, and ultimately want you to enjoy what you receive and that will hopefully mean learning to love a few new veggies as well!


Enjoying U-Pick in the beans on a sunny day! (photo by Libby Lewis Photography)

What is u-pick?
In addition to the produce we harvest and have available for pick-up in the barn market, members may u-pick certain items almost every week. We have a list posted in the barn that tells what items are available for u-pick and provide containers/bags for u-pick items

What items are available for u-pick during various parts of the season?
Flowers are available throughout almost the entire season. Peas in the spring. Strawberries are ripe early and again on and off throughout the season. Beans, dill, cilantro, basil, parsley and a variety of other herbs are also available.

How do I find u-pick items?
You can always ask whomever is working in the market. We have a map on the barn and signs identifying the items in the field.

How much can I take when u-picking?
Available produce and quantities are posted on the u-pick list located in the barn (and on the barn porch). Please remember that if something is not on the list, that means that it is unavailable to everyone, and you may not harvest it.

There will be one of the following three instructions for u-pick:

  1. “Take a specific amount”: Often we use our produce bags as a measurement for quantifying the u-pick. For example, if we say one bag, we mean one of the produce bags you find throughout our market. “One bag” does not mean a 50 gallon garbage bag you bring from home! We mean one of the produce bags from our market. If we say “half-a-bag,” you just have to estimate when you’re bag is half full. Remember that you don’t “have” to take it all if you can’t use it, but please never take more than your share. If the u-pick board gives a weight, for example “one pound” or “half-a-pound,” we’ll have a scale on the blue barrel at the beginning of the u-pick row.
  2. “Pick and Eat”: If the u-pick board says “pick and eat,” that means there is not enough for everyone to take a pound, bag, or carton, but there is something. In these situations we ask you and your kids to pick what you want to eat while in the field. This does not mean you can pick into a container to eat somewhere else at some other time. We need to be consistent on this. Strawberries are often on the “pick and eat” list. They are fun to pick and yummy to eat, but if you take berries with you, then you’re not doing the “pick and eat.”
  3. “Take what you can use up to…”: This means that we have an abundance of a particular item, and we want you to take what you and your immediate family (not extended family, neighbors, or friends) can use within the limit set. For example, we will say “take what you can use up to two full market bags,” or “take what you can use up to two pounds.”

Can children u-pick?
Yes, children can u-pick! This is one of the important and valuable activities of the farm. We do ask, however, that children u-pick only under an adult’s supervision.

We are very aware that with children “helping” in the fields, there will be some damage. We can live with this, as long as it is a learning experience. A parent harvesting and teaching his or her child to harvest is an experience well worth the risk of damaged plants, and if under your supervision your child injures a plant you ought not feel bad about it—that’s part of the learning. We only ask that children harvesting have that parent with them!

What should I do if I witness “u-pick abuse”?
If you feel strongly that you are witnessing someone abusing our u-pick policies, the best thing to do is to politely ask if they have read this guideline about u-pick. There is probably some kind of misunderstanding, or they are members who do pick-ups for neighborhood groups. If the misunderstanding can’t be resolved, please contact one of the farm workers and we’ll take it from there. We don’t want to be “veggie police,” or make anyone else to feel that they have to enforce rules. But we are a community, and we can’t be blind to abuse. If it is occurring, please let us know immediately so we can maintain fairness between our members.

Can I u-pick on the weekend or some other day (besides my pick-up day)?
Yes, you can u-pick on other days. We understand that some members like to come as a family for their u-pick, and that in some situations that can’t happen on pick-up days. We do ask that if you come to the farm on a different day for your U-Pick that you do so during our normal business hours: Tuesday-Saturday 8a-5pm.  This way there will be Jubilee staff around in case you need anything.  We will have the U-Pick board as well as bags and pints on the porch.

We consider our u-pick selections to be a “bonus” – i.e., u-pick is not calculated into the cost of your shares.  As a delivery member, although you are not receiving the full u-pick selection every week, you are not being shorted on the value of your box.

As a delivery member, can I still come to the farm to do u-pick?
Absolutely!  You are welcome to come any day of the week to do u-pick.  If you’d like to do u-pick and pick up your box simultaneously, rather than having it delivered, you’ll need let us know by noon on Monday of the week you’d like to come out. Our open hours are; Tuesdays & Fridays from noon – 6 pm, Saturdays from 9 am – 2 pm.

If you will be coming to do u-pick but still intend to have your box delivered to your depot that week, please come out during normal business hours Tuesday-Saturday 8a-5p of the week you wish to come. You can give us a heads up via email but it isn’t crucial if you’ll still be getting your box delivered.

Your Time on the Farm

Picnic under the walnut trees on pick-up day (photo by Libby Lewis Photography)

Can I bring a lunch or dinner to eat at the farm?
Yes, we welcome people to come and have meals at the farm! We ask that you clean up after yourselves and keep track of your kids.

Can I bring guests to the farm?
Yes, of course. We’re always happy to see members bring friends and visiting family members. Please feel free to do that!

Could I use the farm for a work/school/church function?
The answer to this question is “yes.” Our farm is always open for members to visit, and bringing groups is almost never a problem for us. If the groups are large, and if your function would require special use of our facilities, there will be a charge. It is best to let us know in advance about the group function you have in mind.

If you have guests who can’t come with you on your pick-up day, you are certainly welcome to come by to show them the farm at any time.

Can kids come to the farm?
Yes, children are welcome! We do ask that parents keep track of their kids while on the farm. It’s tempting to just let them run, but unfortunately, there are no truly safe “sanctuaries” anymore; we all need to know where our kids are at all times. We have both an inviting, but dangerous, river, as well as a busy county road which run through the farm. Farm equipment also poses a danger. Parents need to be vigilant.

Can I go swimming at the farm?
No, you can’t. The Snoqualmie River is more visible now that we are in a riparian restoration project. That “visibility” will continue until the native trees and plants form a hedge. Everyone needs to know the river is deep, swift, and potentially dangerous. Our insurance does not allow us to have members swim in the river. Sorry.

King County maintains the Tolt MacDonald Park in Carnation that offers swimming access to the river. It is only minutes from the farm and is a beautiful place to visit and swim.

Can pets come to the farm?
No (unless they are certified service animals). We strongly discourage bringing pets to the farm at all, but if they are brought, they must remain in your vehicle for the following reasons:

  1. We have chickens, ducks, pigs, cows, and various other animals here at the farm. Pets of any kind (especially dogs), leashed or not, can cause a lot of problems for domesticated livestock.
  2. We also know that although most pet owners are considerate and clean up after their pets, some do not. We have had the unpleasant task of doing the “clean-up”.

We’re sure there are issues we haven’t addressed. Please contact us with any other questions!

3 thoughts on “CSA FAQs

  1. Where is the market referred to below? I am thinking of driving up but haven’t signed up for a CSA. Can individuals without CSA membership still come to the market?

    Are other items available in the market?
    We have a variety of items for sale in the market like our own grassfed beef, pastured eggs, handmade soap, flour, popsicles, chips and drinks. We accept cash, check or card for the purchase of these items.


    1. Hi Lisa! Our market is located in our barn, right by our parking lot. Folks without CSA memberships are welcome to shop there (though we may not have all the veggie options available, depending on the harvest for our CSA). The market is open seasonally – we’ll reopen mid-June! 🙂


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