Holiday Mercantile

Every December, Jubilee’s Holiday Mercantile features goods from Jubilee Farm as well as an amazing artisan market showcasing the talented creators in our community – all hosted in a cozy atmosphere, with mulled cider bubbling on the wood stove.

We’ll have a festive craft for kiddos, some trays of delicious appetizers, and more!

2019 Artisans

We’ll be featuring all sorts of Jubilee Farm goods, like our jam, pumpkin butter, handmade tallow soap, etc., and an wonderfully talented gathering of local artisans will be here as well!

Carnation Candle Co.
Deb’s Dog Treats
DragonFly Pottery
Farmer Anna’s Apothecary
Farmer Kelsey’s Art
For A Lark
Hand-Grown Greens
Hearthstone Fables
McCormick Jam Co.
Nancy Strom Author
Puddles Barkery
ReinVintage Treasures
Stone Fruit Silver

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  1. Hi! This is Courtney with Duvall Handmade. I’m hoping that you can contact me shortly about hosting our group on 12/14 & 15.
    Our current accommodations are not heated and we’re freezing.


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