Jubilee Farm is a mixed farm in the Snoqualmie Valley. We operate a year-round CSA, an October pumpkin patch, and raise pastured meat. Our CSA is the main outlet for our produce. While we are not certified organic, we are committed to growing clean food; we do not use any kind of herbicide, pesticide, or chemical fertilizer, and we have an intensive on farm fertility plan.

Assistant Farmer

We are seeking an Assistant Farmer at Jubilee Farm. Jubilee is a second-generation highly diversified farm, raising vegetables, fruit, berries, grain, pumpkins, beef, pork, and poultry. We strive to produce our own fertility and are a very public facing farm.

With a diverse operation comes a diverse set of tasks, and the need for a diverse skill set. Each farm is somewhat idiosyncratic, and Jubilee Farm is no different. So we expect there to be on the job training for different areas and tasks of the farm, but the number one thing we are looking for is an eager and creative problem solver. Other important things the candidate must have are: a desire to learn, thrive working alone but also get along with others.

Preferred skills and abilities:

Tractor Experience

Livestock Experience



Mechanical skill

Knowledge of Organic Practices

Knowledge of crops, pests, and weed management

We are looking for a solid team player with an impeccable work ethic and desire to learn and grow to join our team full time and year round to assist in the wide variety of tasks needed to operate the farm.

Please forward your cover letter, resume and references.


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    1. Hi Cristine! So sorry for missing your comment. Yes – essentially, our Workshare program allows folks to exchange their labor for a share of produce. If you have any other questions or are interested in joining our Workshare team, please email us at jubileefarm@hotmail.com


  1. Hi, How is a couple different from the family? Will you consider me with my wife a couple share or a family share?


    1. Hi Dwipen – thanks for your question! The Family Share is larger than the Couples Share. Family Shares contain either additional items beyond what the Couples Share contains, or larger quantities of items in the Couples Share, depending on what is available for harvest each week. I’d usually recommend starting with a Couples Share for two folks – you’d always be welcome to up-size to a Family Share any time, too.

      Best wishes,


  2. Greetings, I was wondering if you do any work for stay options preferably year around? I’m moving to Duvall and August and I’m looking for options thanks!


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