Pastured Pork born and raised here at Jubilee.

Our pigs thrive on organic feed locally grown as well any excess fruits and veggies we have in addition to rummaging and rooting in the fields like good pigs should do.  All of this results in tender and flavorful pork unlike anything you’ve had before.

Our pork shares are sold by the whole or half hog.  We sell at $5.00/lb hanging weight plus the cost of the butcher fees.  There is a $100 non refundable deposit due with the completion of the contract below.

We have hog shares available in May!  Advance reservations are required, send in your contract now to reserve your own!

How Does Buying a Half or Whole Pork Share Work?

First things first, you have a desire to eat the best quality, most local, sustainable meat you can, right? So send in your contract and deposit to reserve your very own half or whole pork share.
Next, our butcher comes out on a scheduled date to harvest the animals. Having the butcher come to us minimizes the stress on the animal for the most humane slaughter possible.
click the image for a cut by cut description of popular pork cuts courtesy of Cook’s Illustrated
Next up, you will be in touch with the butcher to give them your cut preferences. You can check out Lind’s Custom Meats pork cut list HERE!


We will then invoice you the remaining balance based on the hanging weight of your pig.
(avg. 90-110lbs per half)

You will pick up your pork directly from the butcher and bring your meat home to enjoy with your family and friends. Buying meat direct from the farmer is the best way to support your local farmer and guarantee you are getting the best treated and best tasting meat available.

Want to know when we have pork shares available?

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