Pumpkin Tours (October)


October is such a uniquely beautiful and festive time at Jubilee Farm!  We would love for your school to join us in celebrating the changing season – children love searching for the perfect pumpkin in our patch, exploring the hay maze, and seeing the many animals that live (and work!) at Jubilee.

Pumpkin Tour registration will begin on August 1st, 2017 – please check back then and feel free to contact us with questions in the meantime!


About Pumpkin Tours

During your tour, your students will get to experience a variety of festive October activities:

  • Hay Ride & Pumpkins: Students ride on a hay wagon to the pumpkin field, where each child chooses one pumpkin he/she wants to take home. Our pumpkins are still growing on the vine. With the help of parents, teachers, and our staff, students cut their own pumpkins!  (Parents and teachers may also cut pumpkins and gourds and pay for them separately).
  • Hay Maze: Kids get to explore the hay-bale labyrinth in the loafing shed behind our barn!
  • Farm Animals: We’ll visit some of the animals on the farm and learn more about the important role that they play here.

Pumpkin Tour Details


STUDENTS/SIBLINGS: The basic fee is $7 per student/sibling, with a limit of 27 total students/siblings. If a tour has 28 or more children, each child over the limit of 27 is charged $10. Babes in arms are free.

ADULTS: Each tour can have 9 adults attend for free. The charge for each additional adult (after the 9 free adults per tour) is $5. We ask that adults accompany children at a ratio of 1 adult for every 5 children. Adults will be asked to take an active role in helping children.

MINIMUM FEE: There is a minimum fee of $140 per tour (the equivalent of 20 students/siblings). Even if you have fewer than 20 children per tour, you will be charged $140. If you have fewer than 20 students/siblings and more than 9 adults, some or all additional adults will be counted toward the minimum balance.

SIZE LIMITS: Each individual tour is limited to a maximum of 37 total people (students/siblings and adults). If you will exceed this per-tour maximum, you need to book an additional tour. This limit helps us to ensure that the students are getting the best experience possible, and it keeps our hay wagons and staff from getting overloaded.

PAYMENT: We can accept either a single check or a Purchase Order.

Days & Times:

Pumpkin Tours are available throughout the month of October on:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays
at 9 am, 10 am, 11:15 am, 12:15 pm, and 1:15 pm

at 9 am, 10 am, 12:15 pm, and 1:15 pm

You can view available dates/times on our Pumpkin Tour Calendar (below).  We can book three tours per hour.

Tours last for approximately 1 hour.

Other Details:

  • Tours will run, rain or shine! Life on the farm goes on, regardless of weather. Rarely is it so bad that we can’t conduct a tour, and we do have greenhouses and a large loft in the barn where we can fruitfully continue a tour should there be a down-pour.
  • Students should bring either boots or shoes that can get muddy, rain jackets, and hats. Our motto is “plan for the worst, hope for the best.” Teachers should also make sure that each student has a plastic bag to take home the seeds he/she plants.
  • Teachers should make sure that each student has a bag to transport home their pumpkin.
  • You may eat lunch or a snack in a covered area or picnic bench at the farm.
  • Be on time!  It’s really important for all of us to keep on schedule.  If you are late, we will have to shorten your tour.  Please plan on arriving 5 – 10 minutes early.  We strongly recommend that at least one person who will be driving makes a “practice run” to the farm to determine how long it will take to get here. Don’t forget to plan for traffic that may be different at the time the group comes.

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