Know your farmer, grow your community

Do you feel connected to your food system?

Hi! We’re the Haakenson family. We’re the second (and third!) generations farming this special patch of land in Carnation, Washington – just 45 minutes east of Seattle. We have the help of an amazing crew that’s passionate about sustainably growing healthy food.

So many folks feel like there’s a gap between them and their food system.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) bridges the gap.

By being a member at Jubilee Farm, not only do you enjoy fresh, nourishing food in your weekly CSA produce share – but you also get to engage with the land & the people that provide that food. When you visit the farm, you’ll be able to chat with us & the crew when you see us out in the fields, and you’ll get to see the the crops grow & mature – you’ll be a part of life on the farm, and you’ll be a part of your food system.

“It’s been a great summer. We love the food cycle from early June to October, but for us the farm is more than produce. It is a meditative experience drawing you into the fields, the animals, the insects, the visitors, the kids, the sky, the Cascades, the weather…Every time it’s  different and every time the same. Thank you for what you do.”

CSA Members Paul & Karen G.



The Full Share is our standard share size.  This is meant to feed a family of four or two adults who like to eat vegetables (and possibly do a little preserving and fill their freezers!) You get the most variety with this share size.  Expect 8 – 10 items per week.

$950 for 20 weeks 
(plus $100 if Delivery)


The Three Quarter Share is 3/4 the size of our Full Share.  This share size is designed to meet the needs of 2-3 people or a family with small children with little left to carry over from week to week. Expect 7 – 9 items per week.

$750 for 20 weeks 
(plus $100 if Delivery)


The Half Share is half the size of our Full Share.  This option is meant to provide for either a single person, those that tend to eat out a few nights a week, or folks who are learning to love veggies! Expect 5 – 6 items per week.

$550 for 20 weeks
(plus $100 if Delivery)

How our Summer CSA works

When you become a member of our Summer CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of produce; your weekly share contains the delicious produce that our farm has to offer each week for 20 weeks. This is local-eating at its finest – you get to enjoy the waves of your local growing season.


When you connect to Jubilee with a Summer CSA membership, you’re subscribing up-front to a weekly share of produce for 20 weeks.

We harvest

Every week, from June through October, we harvest delicious produce fresh from our fields.

You pick up

You can either pick up your weekly share here at the farm (where you can make a day of it & enjoy all the farm has to offer!), or you can have it delivered to a depot.


We provide weekly Boxletters filled with recipes and tips, and we even have a kitchen ready for you in our barn, where our food coaches will step you through the nuances of each veggie.

“I just want to thank you for making Jubilee Farm such a wonderful, welcoming place to be. This was the first year that we’ve been part of your CSA, and we look forward to many more years. I have a 5-year-old boy, and our Fridays at the farm were the highlight of the summer for us. He absolutely loved farm school, and he had so much fun helping me with the u-pick items. Every time we got home from the farm, my son wanted to try all of the vegetables. This summer, he discovered a love for cucumbers, beets, kale chips, artichokes, winter squash, and edamame. I feel so fortunate to know that he’s eating the healthiest food available and really enjoying it! We really want to raise our son to enjoy healthy foods and appreciate where our food comes from. You’ve helped us so much with that.”

CSA member Emily C.

What’s included in a CSA membership?

  • Weekly share of produce (for 20 weeks) grown here on the farm. Everything from arugula to zucchini!
  • Access to the farm & your farmers – bring a picnic lunch and stay awhile!
  • Boxletters filled with recipes each week
  • Cascading Kitchen – a place where you can learn from our food coaches and try some tasty samples
  • Members only U-Pick at the farm
  • Weekly Farm School for kiddos (July & August)
  • Barn market filled with extra goodies that you can add to complete your meals for the week
  • First dibs and special pricing on classes and events at the farm

“The raspberries and grapes were to die for. I have never cooed over carrots so much in my life. Your romanesco is gorgeous. The tomatoes and peppers were amazing. The melons, the squash, the salad mix!!!”

CSA member Nancy H.


How does pick-up at the farm work?

Gather your produce

When you arrive at the farm, your produce has already been harvested by us and is waiting for you in our barn, where you collect it all – a weekly share board tells you how much of each item to grab.

We recommend bringing a cooler, laundry basket, box, or totes to bring your produce home in, as well as reusable produce bags. (We provide produce bags in case you need them).

Kitchen & Market

Once you’ve gathered your produce, don’t forget to check in with Terrie, for tips and tricks to make the most of your share (and maybe a few samples!)

The barn also has a market with add-on items available like Jubilee eggs, meat, & canned goods. soaps and other farmer crafted goodies as well as items from local farmer friends – cheeses, sea salt, honey, spices, etc. We have a rotating selection of art, pottery, gifts and cookbooks as well to complement your CSA share.

U-Pick & Enjoy!

As an extra bonus at no cost, U-Pick items are available in the fields each week – strawberries, herbs, beans, flowers, etc. We recommend bringing scissors & reusable bags, as well as a jar for flowers. We do provide pints, bags, and scissors if you need to use any!

Feel free to wander around the farm & enjoy – there are picnic tables in the meadow, a playground for kiddos, & periodic events!


  • Tuesdays: noon – 6 pm
  • Fridays: noon – 6 pm
  • Saturdays: 9 am – 2 pm


During July & August, we invite our CSA members and their kiddos to dig into the life of the farm by attending Farm School – we plant seeds, harvest veggies, collect eggs, & more for about half an hour each session. It’s a great opportunity for your children to learn, first-hand, about where their food comes from!

Farm school happens once a day on CSA pickup days (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday). No registration or sign up needed!

“Thank you for growing such a wide variety. You have some very unique and interesting things growing at the farm – like a yellow watermelon that I’ve never tried or seen before, or edamame beans, that I’ve tried before but have never seen how they grow, or grapes that you can’t buy in store, because they are not a popular variety, but they smell and taste just like the ones we had at home when I was growing up, or sorrel that in stores they sell in 2oz boxes, more like an herb instead of greens. That is one of the many reasons I love Jubilee farm.”

CSA member Olga


How does delivery work?

Depot pick-up

Every Wednesday, your box of fresh produce is available at your selected depot* from noon – 7 pm. This is a great option for folks who want to enjoy fresh, local produce but aren’t able to make it out to the farm on a regular basis – we’ll bring the farm to you!

*there is a one time $100 charge for delivery


Included in your box is our weekly Boxletter, which is filled with recipes and tips designed to help you make the most of your box each week.


Our U-Pick is a free bonus to being a CSA member at Jubilee. Our delivery members are always welcome (and we encourage it wholeheartedly!!) to come out to the farm to pick up your share or do U-Pick! We just ask that you let us know by noon on Monday of the week(s) you’d also like to pick up your share on the farm when you come.


  • Newport Hills
  • Kirkland
  • Issaquah
    (Gilman Village)
  • Ballard
  • Mercer Island 
    (Downtown, 77th Ave SE & SE 27th)
  • Mt. Baker
    (near Mt. Baker Community Club)
  • North Capitol Hill
  • North Ravenna
  • Queen Anne

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