Cascading Kitchen

Terrie & Mimi, our food coaches! (Photo by Libby Lewis Photography)

One of our goals is to not just provide our CSA members with fresh, nutritious fruits & veggies, but to also help them make the most of what they receive.  Sometimes, keeping up with the diverse selection of produce available each week can be a challenge – and that’s where our Cascading Kitchen steps in.

Terrie helping a CSA member prepare veggies (Photo by Libby Lewis Photography)

Our barn hosts a spacious kitchen, stocked with sinks & all of the tools necessary to help you prepare your produce before taking it home.  When you wander through the barn to collect all of the produce for your weekly share, you can just step into the kitchen and get it prepped & ready to just pop into the fridge when you get home.  There are salad spinners so that you can clean & spin your greens, cutting boards & knives for you to prep root veggies, and much more.

“Terrie, your in-house cook and recipe provider, is a magician with the vegetables you provided.  I have found her an inspiration and have used many of her demonstrated recipes.”

CSA member Olga G.

  • On Tuesdays and Fridays, our food coaches – the warm and wonderful Terrie & Mimi – are cooking up some amazing food featuring items from your weekly share.  They demonstrate a variety of cooking methods and have a plethora of helpful advice on ways to prepare and cook your produce – from cutting techniques, to preservation tips, to storage ideas, they have everything covered.

Recipes are posted on the Cascading Kitchen web site weekly, so even if you aren’t able to make it into the Cascading Kitchen while Terrie & Mimi are there, you can plan your weekly meals out with help from their tips and recipes.


There’s even a play area adjacent to the Cascading Kitchen, so you can work on prepping your veggies or chat with Terrie while you keep an eye on your kids enjoying the toys & art supplies!

Kiddos in the play area (photo by Libby Lewis Photography)
Kiddos in the play area (photo by Libby Lewis Photography)

2 thoughts on “Cascading Kitchen

  1. My first summer week I tried two recipes with great success from the Cascade kitchen and plan to make the one shared with me this second week at the farm. Love the kitchen! Pat Martin


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