Fall Session: Week 5 Recipe (Chamomile Poached Pears)

(Recipe & photo courtesy of Heather, Kailyard Kitchen) Chamomile Poached Pears I plan on enjoying these over my morning granola and yogurt, though I may deviate and use them to top a pound cake later in the week. 😉 2 d’anjou pears, peeled, halved, and cored 1 cup water 1 tablespoon dried chamomile blossoms (if […]

Fall Session: Week 5 Recipe (Burdock Syrup with Star Anise & Ginger)

(Recipe & photo courtesy of Heather, Kailyard Kitchen) Burdock Syrup with Star Anise and Ginger Burdock is a subtle, unusual ingredient that is often found in Asian markets where it is called gobo. I highly recommend using it the day you get it as it quickly becomes limp in the refrigerator. This is a simple […]

Fall Session: Week 5 Box Contents

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We were thrilled to use Jubilee sweet potatoes for the first time (we just made a simple mash with sweet potatoes, goat cheese, etc.).  What sort of wonderful holiday creations did you make with your Week 4 box? During the fall & winter months, a lot of […]