Winter Session Week 1 Recipes

(Recipes courtesy of Heather, Kailyard Kitchen) We are thrilled to be kicking off our Winter Session this Wednesday, February 3rd! Here are a few recipes to pack your fridge full of delicious and nutritious meals, utilizing the produce you receive this week. Tuna Salad with Pears, Pecans, and Mint 2 cans of tuna, drained (see note below) […]

Parsnip and Endive Salad with Citrus

(Recipe courtesy of Heather, Kailyard Kitchen) Parsnip and Endive Salad with Citrus While parsnips are usually roasted, they have a mild, sweet flavor that can be enjoyed raw. This refreshing salad would be a great accompaniment to a heartier main course or could stand alone for a light lunch. 1 pound parsnips, peeled 1 pound endives, […]

Fall Session: Week 5 Recipe (Chamomile Poached Pears)

(Recipe & photo courtesy of Heather, Kailyard Kitchen) Chamomile Poached Pears I plan on enjoying these over my morning granola and yogurt, though I may deviate and use them to top a pound cake later in the week. 😉 2 d’anjou pears, peeled, halved, and cored 1 cup water 1 tablespoon dried chamomile blossoms (if […]